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small size, low power consumption low power consumption, large displacement, quick response, high reliability,



vibrational burglar alarm of automobile
bone conductive earphone



Burglar alarm: Piezo ceramic vibrator consists of double plates of piezoceramics and one plate of elastic substrate. Under the exogenic action, the piezo ceramic plate is displaced and produces vibration which output the electrical signal to the alarm.


Bone conductive earphone: Piezo ceramic vibrator consists of one piece piezoceramic or double plates of piezoceramics with one piece of elastic substrate. It creates bending displacement under the voltage driving and the sound is delivered to the ears by skull directly. Bone conductive vibrators convert audio signal to vibrational signal and deliver the sound to ears by skull, which is called bone conductive method.

Path: audio signal-----bone conductive vibrator-----skull-----cochlea-----auditory nerve



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